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200 Followers?  Wow I'm pretty impressed with myself.  I'm glad people are enjoying my posts and the general subject of my blog, it makes me feel like I am inspiring some people and this blog actually will help me keep on task to complete my goal.
Thanks for the support guys keep following and commenting.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

For beginers!

Some notes for beginners :

- Focus on using proper form when working out. Do not increase the weight so quickly that you are unable to perform the movements properly.

- Compounds lifts (Barbell Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Squats) should be incorporated into your routine. They are great exercises that will give you the best results.

- Don't be intimidated to go into the gym. No one will laugh at you. Everyone is there for the same reason that you are. Most people will be too preoccupied with their own workout to even have the time to look at you anyway. Just think, everyone started somewhere.

- Lifting does NOT stunt your growth.

- Rest about 1 minute in between sets

How do I gain weight?
Also known as bulking, you simply gain weight by eating more calories than your body uses throughout the day. You may have to experiment a little to find the number of calories that you need to eat, but try about 3000-3500 for the first week. Try to gain .5 to 1 pound a week.

How do I lose weight?
Also known as cutting, you lose weight by eating less calories than your body uses throughout the day. You may have to experiment a little to find the right number for you, but try around 2500-2800 calories. Try to lose .5 to 1 pound a week.

- Cardio should be done at least 2 days a week IMO. You may be getting stronger muscle wise, but you shouldn't neglect your heart. Cardio is also an efficient way to burn off calories and keep away fat. Try to do at least 2 days of HIIT cardio when you are bulking and at least 3 days of HIIT cardio when you are cutting.

What is HIIT Cardio?
High Intensity Interval Cardio. To do HIIT, just walk for a minute, then run for a minute, and keep alternating between the two for about 15-20 minutes. Try to run hard enough so that you are winded when you walk.

Stretching is extremely important before and after you work out. If you take 3-5 minutes to stretch before you work out, your workout will be safer and there is a smaller possibility of you getting hurt.
here is a list of different stretches -

Warming up
Warming up for exercises is also important. I only warm up for the three compounds that I mentioned above. First, walk on the treadmill for about 5 minutes to get the blood pumping. Then, you should stretch(there is a list of stretches right under this). Then, begin with a weight that you can easily do for 15-20 reps for 1-2 sets. After you finish doing this, work your way up in weight until you comfortably reach your working set. Try not to tire yourself out while you are warming up though.
For a more detailed explanation -

Breathing properly is very important while working out. Breathe out during the effort phase of the exercise. For example, you would breathe in when bringing the bar down in a bench, and you would breathe out when you push the bar up.

Every week, try to add on 5 pounds to your compound lifts without sacrificing form. Also, add weight on for your other exercises too; however, these other exercises, such as lateral raises, take time to make progress in.

Don't sacrifice your form to lift heavier weights. You'll make more progress BB curling 70 pounds correctly (without swinging your back or moving your elbows) than by curling 90 pounds like a dumbas*.

My metabolism is the reason I cannot gain weight...what should I do?
Your metabolism may be a little faster than someone else?s, but you can still easily gain weight by eating a little bit more. Stop using your "fast metabolism" as an excuse. You're the only one who can change your physique.

How do I get abs?
Abs are made in the kitchen. Cutting down to a body fat % of around 8-12 % body fat will get you abs. Cardio and diet will get you abs.

What should my diet consist of?
Try to eat at LEAST 1 gram of protein for each pound that you weigh ( For example, a 160 lber would eat 160 grams of protein) every day.
See what works best for you, but I do 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20 % fats.

What should I have to eat after I workout?
Make a protein shake with whey protein, and a lot of simple sugars. You may think that simple sugars are bad, but right after you are done working out, your glycogen stores are depleted and eating simple sugars that are high on the glycemic index will result in a rapid insulin release that is beneficial to muscle growth.

- Try to get at least 8 hrs of sleep every single night. Although you can still gain muscle with less than 8 hours, you will not be gaining as much if get less than 8 hrs every night.

do NOT work out every single day of the week. Your muscles grow when you are resting, not in the gym.

do NOT work out the same muscle more than twice a week (besides Calves, Abs, and Forearms if you want)

Routine Change
Make sure you change up your routine whenever you begin to plateau. You need to shock your muscles into growing.

- Don't train your shoulders or your triceps the day before you train your chest.

Noob gains
- When you first start out, you will see great results and your strength will increase dramatically. However, yow will stop receiving noob gains after some time. Don't be discouraged when your results begin to slow down.

- Squat Parallel - this is parallel -

When is the best time for a whey protein shake?
- when you first wake up and after your work out

How can I make my protein shakes taste better?
Make a shake with milk, whey protein, fruit, and juice.

Does smoking affect my gains?
Smoking doesn't affect your muscle gains, but it obviously will affect your health over time. Also, it will affect your ability to do cardio. It's your decision to do whatever you want.

Although you do not need to do these things, I find that they help me a lot.
1 - Bring a notebook to record your lifts every day so that you can add weight and remember what you did the following week.
2 - Until you are able to get an estimate of what you eat in your head, writing down what you eat everyday in a notebook, on your computer, or even on is helpful.
3 - Take progress pictures every month to see how you are doing.
4 - Set realistic short term goals.

Some commonly asked questions in the Forums:

How do I increase my bench press?
There are many ways to increase your bench press. Most importantly, if you gain weight, your bench will most likely go up if you are doing everything correctly. Try to switch up your routine. For example, you can switch to DB's or BB's for a month. There are many articles on this website alone that specifically focus on how to increase your bench. Just google.

Why have I stopped progressing?
There are many reasons why you have stopped progressing.
1 - you do not get enough sleep
2 - Your diet sucks
3 - You haven't changed up your workout in a while.

What foods are inexpensive and high in protein?
1 - tuna
2 - peanut butter ( also has healthy fats)
3 - cottage cheese
4 - milk
5 - microwaveable meat
6 - Salmon
7 - turkey/chicken breast
8 - Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews
9 - Eggs

Should I eat Mcdys every day because its burgers are high in protein?
No. Mcydys is very unhealthy. Watch supersize me if you are skeptical. The protein from mcydys sucks anyway.

What's my body fat Percentage? Just look for someone with a similar build to you.

What body fat % to see abs?
It varies from person to person. Under 12 percent usually.

Why do my forearms hurt when I am doing Bicep Curls?
- Most likely because you have weak forearms. Try to strengthen them with forearm exercises.

I take 57381578 supps but I don't see results? Why is this?
Because your diet sucks. A good diet is more important than supplements. Supps only benefit you if your diet is in check.

I'm going on vacation for 1-2 weeks. Will I lose all my muscle !?!?!??!?!?!?
No, you will not lose much, if any, gains during your vacation. In fact, it's good to take a week off from working out at least 4-6 times a year. Just make sure that you focus on eating a high protein diet while you are away and you will be fine.

I hate how my gym is always packed. What should I do?
Ask someone to work in with them.

I hate people who curl in the squat rack. What should I do?
Stop whining about it on an internet forum. Tell the person who is doing it. We dont care.

Im so alpha that I dont train my abs or my biceps. How alpha am I?
No one cares. It doesn?t make you cool that you neglect working out a part of your body because there is a stigma that surrounds it. Abs, or a strong core, are important for many of the important exercises that you do. Also, have fun growing your biceps from squatting.

Should I train my legs? Yes. People who don?t train their legs look stupid. Although leg day may be the most difficult day, it is the most rewarding in my opinion.
Reasons to train legs
1 - Beneficial to sports
2 - You won't look stupid(you?ll have a balanced physique)
3 - you'll look alpha

I hurt myself lifting. What should I do?
If the pain doesn't go away, you should go see your doctor.

I have stretch marks from gaining weight. How do I get rid of them?
There are many ways to get rid of stretch marks.
1 - let them fade away over time
2 - Buy certain creams, such as cocoa butter.
3 - Go tanning

What should I eat before I go to bed?
1 - cottage cheese
2 - milk
3 - casein shake
4 - peanut butter

Creatine? There -

Im skinny fat. What should I do?
You should bulk and cut later. Either that, or you can cut right away to skin and bones.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Importance of Sleep

Sorry I have not been active the past few days and staying up with my blog and my followers, but I have been out of state for check ups on my surgery but I did come across some good work about sleep and its importance to lifting and health.

Okay so first of all, this is a long thread but please take your time reading this as it took me hours to write and edit; you won't regret it, I promise you.

So I have recently stumbled upon lots of people here who say "Even though I sleep 8-9 hours, I'm still tired." and a lot of others who just generally believe that more sleep = more energy + better well-being.

This is NOT TRUE.

When you go to sleep, your body enters different "stages" of sleep. There are 5 overall stages and together they count as 1 "cycle". During the night, these cycles keep repeating until you wake up. 1 cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes but it varies from person to person. You might think this is nonsense but keep reading, you will benefit greatly.

THE IMPORTANT THING: There are 2 ways in which you can wake up. Full of energy and positivity or completely tired with a bad mood. These 2 are NOT a result of either sleeping more or less; they are a result of you either waking up at the end of a particular cycle, or cancelling a cycle by being interrupted by an external source. Read below.

If you finish a cycle successfully and wake up, you will feel brilliant, full of energy and positivity. If your cycle is interrupted by an external source (you wanting to pee, parents/friends waking you up), you will feel terrible / grumpy and you will feel like you need "more sleep". Also, if in some mornings you wake up full of energy (which means you have just finished a cycle), and then force yourself to sleep more, there's a good chance you won't finish that newly entered cycle since you're just lazing about for 10 minutes and that will result in you waking up feeling tired again. And this is not just about waking up tired; this is about how your energy will be used throughout your entire day.

Side note 1: Sometimes you will find yourself lucky in a way that even though someone wakes you up which is an interruption, you will be at the end of a cycle so you'll feel good. Don't bet on it though, the chances of someone waking you up right at the end of a cycle is pretty low.

THE WHOLE POINT: The whole point is that even though most people need a particular number of cycles which add up to 8 hours (hence they say "You need 8 hours of sleep minimum"), it doesn't mean YOU need the 8 hours. Everyone is different and there are a few famous people who only need a small amount of cycles in order to replenish their energy, therefore they only sleep 2-3 hours daily which is phenomenal (imagine all the time saved). A cycle usually lasts 90 minutes, so just remember, if you wake up at the end of one, that's when you'll feel like a king. Your body might need 5, 6, 7 hours... You never know... If you naturally wake up earlier than most people (without interruptions), that will mean you need less cycles than most people. In that case, there's nothing wrong with you, you can just get up and enjoy a longer day .

Side note 2: Even if you woke up after 1 cycle (90 minutes), you would still feel energetic even though your body definitely needs a lot more cycles in order to engage in important activities such as muscle growth. Waking up & feeling good isn't everything.

This is easy. You need to eliminate all possible external sources which can wake you, including the urge to pee, so just drink water slightly earlier in the day so you urinate before bed. If there are no interruptions, your body will automatically wake you up at the end of your very own cycle; that's when you should get up.

For the next part I'll be using wikipedia to slightly help me out with the numbers, read only if you're REALLY interested :

*** More Scientific Part ***

Types & Percentages of Sleep In Stages:

• Stage 1 & 2: Light sleep; together, these two stages account for 50% of all sleeping time.
• Stage 3 & 4: Deep sleep; together, these two stages account for 25% of all sleeping time.
• Stage 5 (REM stage) – this stage represents the remaining 25% of all sleeping time.

Stage Functions:

Stage 1: Our heart rate and breathing become slower. If something wakes you up during this stage, you can easily believe that you haven’t fallen asleep at all as you are still highly aware of your surroundings.

Stage 2: This stage defines the beginning of true sleep. This is also the stage in which most people loose their awareness. The muscles become relaxed and the body stops moving.

Stage 3: Similar to Stage 4.

Stage 4: This is the deepest stage of sleep. Blood pressure drops; heart and breathing rate are decreased and stabilized.

Stage 5 - Rapid Eye Movement (REM): This is a special stage of sleep during which our brains become extremely active. Blood pressure increases, breathing becomes faster and irregular. The eyes start to dart back and forth. Most of our dreaming occurs in this stage. Because we might hurt ourselves while trying to move in response to the content of our dreams, the brain completely blocks our muscles.

The above 5 steps I copied ages ago from a legit site but can't remember which one, now I just edited them and rewrote them so they're more understandable. Don't be surprised if you recognise them. The rest is purely written by me.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this; just thought I'd share some useful information.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


You may ask, what do I need to know about my diet? Well, your diet is very important and you can't make good gains without it. Most people forget about essentials in their diet and they just go for a high protein diet that's low in fiber and really high in saturated fats. This thread is all about what you need to know for the diet portion of your alpha lifestyle.

Labels aren't always accurate. Always use or other calorie counting sites that will get your macros by the decimals, your vitamins and minerals, and even the micros (different types of fat, carbs, etc). You can pick foods from the food searcher or you can put it your own foods (useful for protein shakes or creatine mixes). I always fitday all the diets that I write. It is the key to a good diet.

If you can afford it, use a good multivitamin. I would suggest a multivitamin labeled "for teens", or a multivitamin that has joint support for all those tough compound lifts.
The Best Multivitamin for teenagers:
Opti-Men - Male specific sexual health and designed to increase "male edge"
Very high in vitamins and minerals
Pretty cheap
Digestion and absorption help
A lot of antioxidants
A lot of B vitamins for energy
Contain freeform amino acids

Low sat fat and normal amount of cholest
Some people may say that sat fat and cholest is good for bodybuilding. I don't know if it plays a big difference in your gains, but I do know one thing, and that one thing is that you'll regret your decision to build a high sat fat and high cholest diet because it's bad for your heart. Living healthy means living healthy, not only living big. Your diet should have a high amount of good fats, and the sat fat should be lower than 20g. All my diets have low sat fat no matter what. It's very important.

A diet that is above 20g of fiber is very important. You NEED FIBER. Many people overlook it. High fiber foods are multigrain high fiber bread, black bread, potatoes, leafy vegetables, and fruits. You don't want to be the brolic guy screaming in the bathroom because his **** won't leave his ass. Trust me, constipation is a bad thing, along with being a hilarious thing so don't be the guy laughed at. Pick a diet that is high in good carb sources like the foods listed above and save yourself the butthurt.

Pre Workout Nutrition
STAY AWAY FROM PRE WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS. These supplements are very bad for you. You may like the pump, but as a teenager you should have enough energy to do the workout anyways, and if you don't then just eat good carbs before your workout and take B vitamins.
Good Pre Workout Foods:

Post Workout Nutrition
Have a protein shake as soon as you finish your workout. If you don't have protein supplements, then eat a high protein meal as soon as you finish your workout, but Whey Protein is the best thing you can put into your body during this time period. It is the fastest acting Protein and is a lot cheaper than buying steaks all the time. A good PWO shake can have 5 grams of Creatine, 25-60 grams of Whey Protein, and maybe even some Glutamine. Teenagers don't have to take this so just Whey is fine.
Creatine FAQ:
A good idea for a post workout meal, which is 30 minutes to 1 hour after you have your shake, is some simple sugars. DO NOT TOUCH TABLE SUGAR. Regular table sugar is just a fat cell waiting to be born. Have some fruits filled with natural sugar and fiber. A good idea for bulking is to have a big fruit salad or a number of different fresh fruits 30 minutes to 1 hour after your shake. Don't have too many simple sugars if you're cutting though.

Best Protein Sources
#1: Chicken breast: The best protein source and can be use in abundance
#2: Low mercury fish: Make sure the fish has low mercury like Flounder
#3: Lean beef: Make sure that the beef is at least 4-8% fat
#4: Eggs: Highest biological value of all protein sources but watch the cholest and sat fat levels
#5: Milk: Whole milk is good for bulking but nonfat milk is also great because it can be used in abundance without worrying about cholest or sat fat levels
#6: Whey Protein/Casein Protein/Blends Of Protein: Supplements are great but this is number 6 because food comes ahead of all supplements
#7: Cheese: 10%-30% but high in saturated fats

Carbs And Protein Ratio
Carbs are very important for bulking and cutting. You must always have more carbs than protein in your diet UNLESS YOU ARE ON KETO. If you have more protein than carbs, it will cause your body to use the protein for energy, and nobody wants that. I never used a keto diet but it works for some and doesn't work for others. A 50c/30p/20f ratio great for bulking, a 40c/30p/30f ratio is great for cutting, and make sure that you stay away from alcohol and table sugar.

Cheap foods
Protein Powder
Ground beef

Drink Water
No sodas, alcohol, or sugary concentrated juices. Drink at least 4 liters of water a day when not on Creatine. Try to get in 6 liters of water when taking Creatine. It's hard but that much water is great for your kidneys, great for your skin, and great for your overall health. Drinking 4 liters of water a day when on Creatine is alright but 6 liters can help with acne and other teenage problems.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Topped the 150 followers, and rising!  Thanks for the support guys spread the blog I'll be writing all about nutrition, bodybuilding, and my progress to get to my goal.  Also the votes are in and even though it was a close poll, Bench Press took the lead by one vote for the favorite power lift.  No surprise that Squat was close second...but the big surprise was the Hang Clean.  No votes at all was kind of shocking but hey, no one really likes that lift that I know so it makes sense. 
Thanks for all the support guys!

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Now throughout high school I constantly heard about the hype of creatine and adults preaching about how it is super unhealthy for you and it will kill your kidneys.  I did alot of research during my senior year and saw that none of the myths i had heard about or the negative side effects of this supplement to be true, mostly through research done in AP Bio, because creatine is found naturally in the body and helps with the production of ATP by acting as an enzyme and increasing the speed ATP (natural energy) is created at.  This helps with things like recovery.
So after compiling all my research and some of others research this is what was created:

What should of creatine should I buy?
Creatine monohydrate. Plain and simple. No need for any fancy designer creatines. It is proven to work. It is cheap. The typical 200 serving tub will last for will last for at least 3 months.
I use this along with a creatine called Concrete This stuff has shown much greater benefits than any other I have taken and it works best for me, I recommend it to others to at least try out.

What exactly does creatine do?
*Provides extra energy for your muscles
*Causes volumization of muscles (just increases the size)
*Reduces lactic acid build up
*Increases protein synthesis

What are the side effects of taking creatine?
There is a possibility of bloating. This, however is temporary and you don't need to worry about it. There have also been anecdotal stories of muscle cramping and dehydration. If you are worried about this, drink an extra litre of water or so, on top of the 4 litres + you should be drinking.

Will I lose my gains when I stop taking creatine?
Creatine generally leads to two types of gains. You can build more muscle due to the added strength creatine can provide and you can retain more water in the muscles. The muscle which you gain as a result of increased strength is the same as all other muscle. It is as permanent as muscle you gain when you don't use creatine. This will not be lost when you stop taking creatine. However, the water retained in the muscle is temporary. This will most likely be lost when you stop taking creatine.

How much creatine should I take each day?
3g - 5g.

What is loading / the loading phase?
Loading is the period of time where you increase your daily dose of creatine to increase the level of creatine in your muscles so that it is available for use. It usually lasts for one week.

How much creatine should I take during the loading phase?
20g - 25g a day, 1 week - 10 days. This amount should be divided into 4 daily servings.

Do I need to load?
No. Loading is probably not needed. However, creatine is cheap. If you want to load to gain any possible benefits of loading then it is fine to do so. Make sure to increase your water intake if you are concerned about dehydration etc.What is the maintenance phase?

What is the maintenance phase?
This is the rest of the time you spend using creatine. Once you have completed a loading phase, you must keep maintain the levels of creatine in your muscles. This is usually done by taking 3g - 5g a day.

Should I cycle creatine?
It is not known whether it is beneficial or not to cycle long term. Once again I would do so if you are concerned. I'd advise for every month you use creatine, take 2 weeks off, minimum.

What time of the day should I take creatine?
Any time of the day will do. You don't need to take it pre-workout, post-workout, pre-bed or any other important time. All that matters with creatine is that you take it regularly over a long period of time (4 - 12 weeks approx.).

Some people like to take their creatine with their post-workout meal as many people include sugars in this meal which may aid absorption and distribution of creatine.

Will it cause testicle shrinkage?

I am considering using CEE (creatine ethyl ester) or krealkalyn. Do they work?
Read this:

Useful link:

Can protein supplements be taken with creatine supplements?
Yes. The two supplements are unrelated. Just be aware that some protein supplements contain creatine already (such as Nitrotech and some weight gainers) and extra creatine may not be required.

Quick note:
In my experience, I have never experienced any side effects from creatine supplementation. None of the people who use it who I know have either.

Only consider using creatine when you have a proper diet. You must eat enough calories, protein, carbs and fat a day to gain muscle. If you don't, your body will have nothing to build muscle with. Supplements aid the process but if the process is not happening, they aid nothing and are wasted. GET A DIET.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pre-Sleep Protein

So it's about 3:30 AM right now and I'm having trouble sleeping as I seem to be recently, but a hunger just started to sink in.  There are many rumors around that suggest eating before sleep is unhealthy since all that you ate is not being used and will be stored as fat when you begin to snooze.  Now after a little digging around some forum posts on, I came across similar articles that show having a protein shake before bed is beneficial.  According to many experts there are 4 times daily that you should ingest protein.  When you wake up, 30 minutes before a workout, 30-60 minutes after a workout, and before you go to sleep.  Now it is stated that it is important to ingest protein before sleep because your body is entering a state where it is breaking down all the nutrients that you have recently taken in and will be using it over the next 6-7 hours that is spent asleep.  Skip the midnight snack and head straight for the protein.  Protein breaks down much slower than fats and junk food, so it will stay with you through the night longer and it will also provide a healthy alternative to what you would normally grab. 
So what shall I be drinking for my protein shake?
1     Scoop Myofusion cookies and cream protein
1/2  Banana
12   Oz Milk

Roughly equates to:
35 Grams of protein
10 Grams of fat
15 Grams of carbs

(And also a crap ton of vitamins and minerals that come from not only what the protein shake has in it, but from the banana and milk)

This flavor of protein is delicious!  It also has very little fat, sugar, and high protein.

You guys also might think that this stuff is expensive, but online you can find cheap deals like this stuff in a 6.6 lb container on sale for 32 dollars!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Need a workout

Alright so the past few weeks I have done nothing due to the fact that I had surgery, but enough is enough already.  I just spent this nice day walking outside visiting friends, I played about an hour of Banjo Kazooie (Throw back N64 Style!) and completed the first 2 levels 100% of the way.  So after feeling accomplished after this feat...Its definitely time for a little exercise to see how my body feels after.  I think I'm going to start off with a 1 mile run and then do the P90X AB workout to see how I handle it.  The one mile run will basically be a warm up and cardio work for the true workout...P90X.  For those of you who have no idea what this is or want to try it, I strongly encourage doing it.  One of the best workout programs for anyone of any level out there.  If you don't believe me simply watch this.  It literally TRANSFORMS you.

This program requires dedication if you are going to do it fully and you must keep a diet to see greater results, but for me, I just choose to use the Ab workout as I see fit or when I want to do a good core day.  You can either order the videos or find videos online of people doing the exercises and just coy what they do.  It is hard, you will need to take breaks, and you will sweat your ass off but the profit is well worth what you put in!

So I'll be leaving you guys with this for now and will be back on after my workout.  Hopefully i get some comments on what people think!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Quick little update, 100 followers!  Pretty excited my blog is picking up, still looking for avid followers and some more people interested in working out and body building.  If you know any blogs concerning body building post them here so i can follow them!

Don't forget to vote on my little poll about your favorite power lift!

Workout Program

So after alot of rearch online and magazines i finally came across this workout program that is a 6 day split and is designed for mass building, something a bodybuilder would want.  These workouts will be long so i think i will alternate which ones i do each day, taking out a couple here and there and switching them in on the next day so i dont stay in the gym for hours.  But This is it, I will be posting up my results and progress of what i lifted choosing one day each week to post up once i start actually lifting.  So keep posted on my blog, follow me, and see where this goes!  Also will give advice and take any when offered!


Barbell bench press: 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, and 4 reps
Barbell incline bench press: 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, and 4 reps
Dumbbell flys: 3 sets of 10, 8, and 6 reps
Parallel bar dips: 3 sets of 15, 10 and 8 reps
Pullovers: 3 sets of 15 reps each

Pull-ups: 4 sets of 10 reps minimum
Close-grip chins: 4 sets of 10 reps
T-bar rows: 4 sets of 15, 12, 8, and 6 reps
Bent-over barbell rows: 4 sets of 8-12 reps

Squat: 5 sets of 10, 8, 6, and 4 reps with a 20 rep warm-up set
Front squats: 4 sets of 10, 8, 8, and 6 reps
Hack squats: 3 sets of 10 reps each
Leg curls: 4 sets of 20, 10, 8, and 6 reps
Standing leg curls: 4 sets of 10 reps each
Straight-leg dead lifts: 3 sets of 10 reps each

Donkey calf raises: 4 sets of 10 reps each
Standing calf raises: 4 sets of 15, 10, 8, and 8 reps

Crunches: 3 sets of 25 reps
Bent-over twists: 100 reps each side
Machine crunches: 3 sets of 25 reps
Crunches: 50 reps


Behind-the-neck-barbell press: 5 sets of 10, 8, 8, and 6 reps with a 15-set warm-up
Lateral raises: 4 sets of 8 reps each
Bent-over dumbbell laterals: 4 sets of 8 reps each
Dumbbell shrugs: 3 sets of 10 reps each

Upper arms
Standing barbell curls: 5 sets of 15, 10, 8, 6, and 4 reps
Incline dumbbell curls: 4 sets of 8 reps each
Concentration curls: 3 sets of 8 reps each
One-arm triceps extensions: 3 sets of 10 reps each

Barbell wrist curls: 4 sets of 10 reps each
Reverse wrist curls: 3 sets of 10 reps each

Seated calf raises: 4 sets of 10 reps each

Reverse crunches: 4 sets of 25 reps
Seated twists: 100 reps each side
Vertical bench crunches: 4 sets of 25 reps

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fitness Profile

So in about a week i will actually be able to begin lifting and regularly exercising because I should be completely healed from my surgery and will be good to go!  But before I start to show results I think I need to show where I  currently am first.  The picture up above is from when I was a senior in high school, now I'm a freshman in college, but still basically the same size and shape, slacked off alot this year and know what needs to be done to improve.

This picture was just taken (1:40 pm 5/19/2011):
(Lost a bit of definition from 2 weeks of no eating, and then a week and a half of sitting on my ass and eating nothing but junk because i missed it so much)

Height - 6'1"
Weight - 195 lbs
Age - 19
Favorite lift - Bench press
Bench - 275
Squat - 350
Power clean - 205
Dead lift - 350 

Some general fitness:
100 meter dash - 11.6 seconds
40 yard dash - 4.62
1 mile run - 5:52

I am still searching around for a good workout program, mostly looking through magazines and forums to see which routines are best suited for me.  I'm planning on putting together different programs to make on specialized for me, my goals of gaining large mass and power, and also one that would be beneficial to those who are following me to see if they can use the same routine and get results as well.  Post up some of your guys' stats so i can see where I compare!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cant Sleep - Supplements?

Back on topic with my supplement listing:

So throughout high school I have tried many, many supplements on and off when the money was available, and saw results from various different types.  Although I use alot of different types of supps, I usually tend to venture towards pre-workouts over others.  Currently I have a pre-workout, creatine, protein, and vitamins.


From reading different message boards on body building websites I looked through reviews and comments about all the supplements I consider before purchasing them; look at their ratings, taste, effects and cost.  Here is a list of the Nitric Oxide (N.O.) or Pre-workouts that I have tried and my thoughts on them.

  1. N.O. Xplode (8/10):
  • This was a great start off product for energy boosts in the gym, although i used mine to help peak my athletic performances in games.  Taking this right before going out onto the football field or wrestling mat gave me a boost in the action and allowed me to push myself further than before.  Also in the weight room I saw great gains in energy and was able to put up more weight than under normal circumstances.
  • The taste of this product is decent, there are better out there and there are also much, much worse out there as well.  I stuck to the fruit punch/berry flavor because usually when in doubt, punch it out.  It is almost a safe flavor and usually the best tasting for all products.  
  • Although this one is a bit more expensive than I would like to spend on this kind of supplement, it is worth the little extra cash, and for starting off it lasts you a long time because with this product only 1-2 scoops max is needed for a serving that gives near an hour of pure energy boosts.  
  • I would recommend this product to any who is looking for a pre-workout as it is a top seller in many stores and online sites, and has results of others to back it up.  You can do a few cycles of it as well continually since this product is hard to build a tolerance to compared to other brands.
     2.  NaNO Vapor (7/10):
  • Dont let the poor rating fool you on the effects of this wonderful product.  Although i gave it a 7, this product works better than N.O. Xplode.  I only bought one container of this product because of a few flaws i saw with it.  This is a great supplement for those who have built up a great tolerance to other pre-workouts, and need something to overcome that barrier.  
  • The taste of this product is horrible.  That is one of the reasons I deducted points off my rating.  I bought the orange flavor on accident because the containers are all the same damn color, almost vomited the first few times taking it, exchanged it back at the store for the fruit punch which was also pretty hard to stomach. 
  • Although the taste is beyond awful, the effects are amazing.  Yet these do not last long.  As I said I only bought one container, and that is because I built up a tolerance to this very quickly, and from other reviews people had the same issues.  So i would only recommend that this product be used once every couple cycles you are doing and make sure you get fruit punch or you will hate it immediately.
     3. JACK3D (9/10):
  • I really enjoyed this product.  It is basically the cheapest pre-workout that you can buy on the market....Less than 30 dollars for a container!  Even cheaper if you buy online!  This product also has alot of ingredients that go beyond nitric oxide and you can tell.  When I first began taking it, my body turned red from the great increase in oxygen, and my skin got slightly itchy when I began lifting, and it worried me so after a little research, I discovered it actually demonstrates that the product is doing what its built to do.
  • The taste of this product is great, for this I go with the lemonade flavor.  It literally tastes like lemonade and the great thing about it is that you use a very, very small scoop of the stuff; so you arent drinking 3 large scoops of powder in water.
  • The effects of this product lasted probably the longest out of any pre-workout that I have tried before and it took a while to build a tolerance to the stuff.  Total I have bought 3 or 4 containers of Jack3d and saw great effects each time.  Easily one of the top recommendations, above the two mentioned previously.
     4.  Hemo-rage Black (10/10):
  • This is the final pre-workout that I have tried and I love it.  I am currently on my first supply; or rather just began it, using it a total of 3 times before my accident.  It is also pretty cheap around 30-40 bucks for month supply.  The scoops are also convenient because even though they aren't as small as Jack3d's serving size, you only are allowed to take one scoop per day, no doubling up! (according to the label).  
  • The taste of this product is alright, I don't love it like I did with Jack3d but its easily tolerable and doesn't taste gross in any way.  Again went with the conventional fruit punch flavor even though I think they have a crazy special name for fruit punch to give their supplement diversity.
  • Hopefully i dont build up any type of tolerance to this product because I am falling in love with it, recommend this over any other pre-workout if you have taken any before because it easily breaks any plateaus you have reached with energy, and is cost efficient.

Any suggestions or other pre-workouts you guys know that would be good to test and review?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Thanks for the support guys I'm trying to spread my blog to as many people as possible (except my friends because I dont really want them to make fun of me or judge me or anything negative to come from them).  Hopefully this will start getting bigger, tomorrow or tonight I am planning on posting up my supplements that I will be taking and take in suggestions for different ones through a poll.
Thanks for the support keep following and commenting and spreading the blog!

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These pictures were taken right after the knee to the face on 4/30/2011, Hurt like hell but I was given quite a bit of morphine lol.
This is my eye about 5 days after the accident, swelling went down drastically yet my eye is now completely red.

This was taken the night after my surgery on 5/6/2011, doesnt look too bad but they made a 1/2 inch cut on the corner of my eye lid and also a 3 inch cut inside my mouth which they used to reset my jaw and cheek bones.  Healing very fast, now you can hardly tell by the swelling that i was injured at all.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Start of blog

Today i have decided to begin a blog about my weight lifting aspirations and goals to build muscle for future body building competitions.  I have decided to do this on account that I want to gain muscle, and I just went through facial surgery and have free time to begin the blog.  I wont be able to log my progress for a few weeks since i cant do any physical activity for another week or so.  Hopefully when i start up i have followers and eventually show great progress in what i accomplish.  I will be searching for a routine to follow, will post pictures, and weight that i lift.
See you guys soon.